Not only do Harrisontech sell communication products, our qualified technicians and engineers install and configure all hardware and software that we support.


Phone Systems New and Used

New phone systems and used phone systems. We have extensive experience in phone systems supply and installation, including IP phone systems and Voice Over Internet Protocol commonly known as VoIP. If you need a traditional PABX or an IP PBX we will have a solution for your budget – more

VoIP telephone systems

VoIP phone systems and VoIP gateways are a speciality Harrisontech offer. By using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) hardware can allow you to implement some extreme functionality and smart solutions to your business such as multi site installations, low call rates, no cost calling between sites, transferring calls, in fact it is just like everyone is in the same building regardless what state or country you have remote offices. VoIP is also excellent as a product for call centres – more

Aged Care Duress Solutions

IP communications is a heavily used protocol in todays market due to the functionality that can be achieved. We at Harrisontech have the right qualified technician and engineers to create a business communication solution for your business and functionality. Implementing right smart IP communications can definitely give you an ROI and much better control – more

Messaging systems

Imagine a DECT phone that operates just like a mobile does. With our messaging & gateway solutions for any size organisation, we at Harrisontech have standard WiFi network infrastructures including VoWiFi solutions which allows voice to be operated over extremely secure WiFi networks. Our smart and innovative messaging solutions can be all handled from the one cordless DECT phone and some models even have barcode scanners built into the phone. Our VoWiFi is perfect for aged care, large stores such as Bunnings, supermarkets and warehouses just to name a few – more

cctv and monitoring

CCTV and surveillance products supplied and installed by Harrisontech. Our large range of CCTV and surveillance products can provide you with the security you need giving you the comfort of knowing what is going on 24/7. We have a range of security cameras, wireless cameras, HD cameras and IP cameras to cater for any need and budget including multi channel DVR recorders to capture what is needed – more

data cabling networks and phone points Australia

Data cabling, phone points, data racks and network infrastructures installed and tested by qualified ACMA technicians, then you can’t go past Harrisontech. Many electricians do not have the required industry license and qualifications to do data cabling and data points, so don’t risk the heavy phones by not having it done right. Data cabling is critical to most businesses these days so whether your business is small or a large multi level hi-rise, Harrisontech have the right qualifications and licenses to do the work at the right price – more

security alarm systems queensland

Security and alarm systems for your business. Let’s face it, although unfortunately we need security today to help protect our property, business hardware and sensitive material, not to mention our people. Break-ins and theft are on the rise so it is essential you have the right security system and monitoring in place. Couple your security system with CCTV and live alerts can help monitor your premises – more

Home automation tv and antenna installation

Digital TV Antennas, we supply and install television distribution systems for domestic and commercial applications. Digital TV demands the right system setup starting from the digital TV antenna, amp where required, quad core cable and wall plate fittings. If your picture isn’t clear and crisp and you have experienced pixelation you will have a fault in any of the above listed components. Specialised measuring equipment is required for Digital TV – more

Phone Systems New and Used

Putting access control on doors, gates and walkways is a common request today. Our access control system range can be seamlessly linked to other systems supported by us. Some include CCTV, Fire Detection Systems, Intruder Alarms and Building Management. As an example we can pan around with our security camera and focus on a door that has had an alarm raised

VoIP telephone systems

A Duress system sends a message to a Duress alert transmitter which can receive the message and act on the message to do things such as making a phone call with a recorded message to any phone phone or mobile, or trigger a flashing light or alarm, even send to a computer or a security monitor centre for further action. Harrisontech have a wide range of smart Duress systems especially for the aged with items such as care phones, smoke alarms and pendants to name a few. Help monitor mum and dad from their comfort of their own home – more

Aged Care Duress Solutions

As with Duress systems Harrisontech can integrate many of their smart monitoring technology for and into the Aged Care. New products we have such as the unique fall sensor which can actually monitor when a fall has taken place, then send an alarm into our local alarm server and be integrated into many aged care solutions. This new fall sensor uniquely allows the user ro sit down and lay down on their bed without triggering a false alarm – more

Paging and messaging solutions

A extensive range of paging solutions from simplistic pagers also known as beepers to pagers integrated into DECT phones, even via a messaging server to send out to mobiles, computers or monitoring stations. If you require a paging solution we can supply you the right paging solution at the right price – more

Internet plans, phone plans for business

Internet Plans & Systems, when selecting and using broadband in todays environment you need to be careful that you don’t get caught ordering a service that’s not going to be suitable for you. Harrisontech will find the right Broadband / ADSL solution in your location along with the recommended hardware choices for your budget. For larger organisations we have solutions to securely pass data over wireless networks, even voice being VoWiFi – more

Phone plans, GSM mobile plans for all business types

Broker with Harrisontech for your Phone & GSM Plans. Harrisontech have the ability to give you choices and source the best possible plans for your communications requirements. We will find you plans that will suit your budget over landline plans, ISDN, PSTN, BRI (commonly know as fixed line), mobile plans, GSM plans, sim only plans, text plans, data plans and VoIP plans. Coupled with this service we can find the right hardware plans such as sourcing the right Commander phone system – more

13, 1300 and 1800 numbers for sale

Order a 13 number, 1300 number or 1800 number from us and tell us which standard telephone number or mobile number you would like the 13, 1300 or 1800 number to be directed to, and generally within the same business day we will have the service working, however allow 24 – 48 hours – how easy is that? – download an order form here.

Call centre solutions and live reporting, call centre diallers custom built

Our Call centre solutions are good and very smart using our custom IP PBX systems, dialler and reporting systems. This will provide your business with the most cost effective and efficient solutions. Harrisontech call centre solutions can provide your call centre with VoIP, ISDN, PSTN or GSM even mix different providers to achieve least cost routing without having to put any thought into it – more


IT & Web Solutions

Our experienced web development team will provide your business with the right website solution whether you require a small site or a large eCommerce site.


Websites designed including ecommerce websites. Self edit websites

Web Design, this is where Harrisontech originally started. Our web design team build fully functional websites, using the latest technology starting from $550 and can provide flash (flashy movement) and interactive sites all built and delivered to the desired budget with a prompt turn around. We are confident our team will provide your Business/Company a first class website and web system that will meet your expectations and specifications – more

ecommerce solutions ecommerce websites to buy and sell online

eCommerce shopping cart software for selling online. Harrisontech are one of the leaders in eCommerce shopping cart software for building online stores and selling online. We can compile your eCommerce system for you or you can use one of our self edit eCommerce software systems to assist getting you sales online – more

Website shopping carts a great ecommerce solution to sell online

Use our online shopping cart technology to sell online affordably, easily and securely. The team at Harrisontech have been building eCommerce sites also know as shopping carts sites for years using their own developed software and open source software which can be customised to suit specific online selling needs – more

email accounts for business

If you are looking for email services for your business or personal use, Harrisontech offer high quality, smart and effective business grade email services which also includes webmail for when you are travelling anywhere in the world. Unlimited email accounts with full spam filters and control – more

website hosting for websites

Web hosting plans to ensure customer uptime and satisfaction Harrisontech choose to only operate top end quality business grade web servers with control panels that let you take control easily. Manage your web files, email, applications and domains yourself with our smart secure control panels. You should demand nothing less for your business website hosting and services associated with it – more

Get your Australian domain name online and promote your business

Domain names are the web telephone number to your business. Harrisontech are a leading provider of domain name registrations for Australian businesses. Order and completely manage your domain name thrugh Harrisontech – more

database development for business

Our team can develop specific web data applications to perform and cater how you require your business is operated online. With our custom data development team we can develop applications to save on man hours and provide an ROI in many cases. If you have an idea, give us a call and have a chat – more

web development solutions for business, custom design web applications for business

Developing business solutions using web applications is probably easier today than it was some years ago due to the amount of usable content available. As with data development we develop specific web based business solutions
catered for individual needs – more



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