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What is an Registered Cabler and do I need one?

Installation or maintenance of phone lines, NBN, internet connections, Cat5e & Cat6 data cables, TV and antennas, fiber optics, CCTV, security, and audio systems in Australia must be carried out by licensed cabling professionals, whether for residential or commercial structures.

It is mandatory for technicians handling telephone line cabling and data cable structures to possess either an OPEN or a RESTRICTED cabling license, where the latter comes with specific limitations. Additionally, an endorsed STRUCTURED license is required for working with data cables, a COAXIAL license for TV, MATV, and satellite installations, a FIBRE license for fibre cables, and a TESTING license for testing purposes.

Engaging a registered technician ensures that the work adheres to strict guidelines set by relevant authorities, ensuring compliance and safety standards. For instance, a data cable must not intersect or come into contact with an electrical cable unless specific separation rules and guidelines are applied to meet safety and compliance requirements.

In essence, without the necessary licenses, the installation or maintenance work cannot proceed, risking excessive fines for both the client and the installer.

Even if you’ve recently connected to the NBN and need an additional phone point installed with the phone line emerging from the modem, a registered and approved cabler is still required to perform the installation and termination of your cabling.

Are Electricians Approved?

Not all electricians possess a certified cabling license, although many do. When engaging an electrician for tasks in your home or business, it is advisable to request a copy of their cabling license, which they must be able to provide as part of the license requirements. Most electricians typically hold a license card issued by ACRS or TITAB. If an electrician cannot produce their license, it is crucial not to permit them to perform cabling work until the license is presented.

Keep in mind: An electrician’s license does not authorize them to undertake data cabling; they must hold a separate cablers license. An OPEN or RESTRICTED license only permits work on telephone line structures and points.

For data cabling, a STRUCTURED endorsement is required. Coaxial cabling necessitates a COAXIAL endorsement. Fiber optics require a FIBRE endorsement. Testing requires a TESTING endorsement.

In summary, if you intend to install a new data cable, ensure you engage a licensed cabler with an OPEN license and a STRUCTURED endorsement.