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This user guide is a good starting point to comprehend the most essential features whether you’re using the Web Client, mobile apps or a deskphone.
This 3CX phone system provides all the tools you need to communicate effectively so you can call, chat or video conference with your team & customers.

3CX on IOS or Android



  • Get the app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

  • Open the “Your User Account on your New 3CX System” email.

  • With the app, scan the QR code found at the top of the email.

  • Your extension will be set up automatically in seconds.


The 3CX Client

Login to the Web Client

  • Open the “Your User Account on your New 3CX System” email.
  • Click the Web Client URL.
  • Login with Google, MS 365, or use the credentials in the email.


Download the Windows / Mac Desktop App

  • Click the OS icon on the left menu > “Install”.
  • Click “Provision” to automatically connect the App.


Manage your status & queues

  • Set your status by clicking on your Avatar: 5 options available.
  • Your status changes to yellow when your line is busy.
  • Customise status / forwarding rules: “Avatar > Your Name > Status”.

Video / Audio Conferencing

Create an ad hoc video / audio conference

  • Open Web Client / Desktop App > “Meet”.
  • Allow 3CX to access your camera and microphone > “Join Now
  • To invite participants, copy the link or share via WhatsApp, email.


Schedule a conference

  • Click “+” in the top menu to create a video / audio conference.
  • Fill in the details > select calendar > “Create Meeting”.
  • Click on “Scheduled Conferences” to view them.


Turn any call into a conference

  • During the call, select “Conference” in the phone dialler.
  • Search by name or extension, or add a phone number.
  • Select your participant/s and they will be automatically dialled.

Using your Desk Phone

Make a call
  • From the phone: Dial the number > hit “Send” or “Enter” button.
  • From the Web Client: Select the desk-phone via the dialler.


Transfer a call: Blind transfer

  • Fanvil: “Xfer” > dial number > “Xfer”.
  • Yealink: “Transfer” > dial number > “B Transfer”.
  • Snom: “Transfer” > dial number > “”.


Transfer a call: Attended Transfer

  • Fanvil: “Xfer” > dial number > “Dial” > announce caller > “Xfer”.
  • Yealink: “Transfer” > dial number > “Call” > announce caller > “Transfer”.
  • Snom: “Transfer” > dial number > “Attended” > announce caller > “Transfer”.


Using SMS, WhatsApp & Live Chat

Start a chat

  • Click “Chat” > “+” and select “Start a Chat” or “Create Group Chat” or “Send SMS”. You cannot initiate a Live Chat or a WhatsApp chat.
  • Select the extension(s) or number(s) to start chatting.


Receiving a chat

  • You can view chat conversations routed to your extension, groups or queues you are a member of.
  • Distinguish between Live Chat, WhatsApp & SMS by their respective icons.


Handling a chat

  • Choose chat, click the menu  and select between “Transfer”, “Take” or other options enabled by administrator.
  • To transfer the chat, search for agent by name or extension number.


Update your Status

  • In Microsoft 365, go to your Calendar and add meeting.
  • During meeting Status will update to “Away” or “Do Not Disturb”.


Launch calls from the Microsoft 365 interface

  • Ensure you have the Desktop App installed.
  • Click on any number in MS 365, for the dialler to initiate the call.


Create new contacts

  • Create your contacts in Microsoft 365.
  • 3CX will automatically sync with MS 365 to update contacts.


Using 3CX with Microsoft 365

Set your voicemail via Web Client / Desktop App

  • Go to “Avatar > Your Name > Greetings”.
  • Record a new greeting or upload a pre-recorded message.
  • You can have different greetings per status.

Set your voicemail greeting via Deskphone

  • Dial the voicemail number indicated in your user account email.
  • Enter your PIN and then press “#”.
  • Select option “9” then “8” and then “0” to record.
  • Press “#” to end the recording and “0” to save.

Listen to your voicemail messages

  • From smartphone: Tap on “Voicemail”.
  • From Web Client / Desktop App: Click “” > “Voicemail”.
  • From Deskphone: Dial your voicemail number or hit “Voicemail / Message”, enter PIN, press “#” and then “*” to play messages.

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