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1. An app makes it easier to promote your products/services

Companies with mobile apps make better impressions than those without one. A mobile application will make your business stand out, and frequent updates help develop customer interest in your products. It will also help you save money and effort in other types of promotional techniques, such as advertisements in newspapers and billboards.

4. You will expand your customer base

Once your app is available on the different app stores and you’ve advertised it online, chances are a lot more people than your regular customers will find out about your product, which will most likely increase your sales. Mobile apps also can be integrated with social media; this means your app can help your business reach a larger audience online.

7. It is a brilliant marketing tool

Digital marketing–with your mobile app—makes selling products so much easier. The product descriptions and reviews that your marketing app can feature will give an edge to your business.

2. It will help you contact and engage with your customers

With mobile apps, businesses have the opportunity to interact with their customers in real time. Whether you’re offering a promotion, a new product or service or just a customer opinion poll, a mobile app will engage your customers, which in theory means they’re going to pay for/use your products/services. 

5. It can help you sell faster

If you have a certain product that you want to sell out before a certain time period, you can send “limited time” promotional coupons via your mobile business app to your customers. Such promotions encourage sales and will also provide publicity to your business.

8. It gives your business a positive image

A mobile app makes any business, big or small, stand out, and it gives the impression that you are tech-savvy. Mobile apps also make the details (location, contact, etc.) about your business more easily available, which is obviously very good for your company.

3. It helps you improvise

Because mobile apps give you real-time feedback from customers, you can find out what’s hot and what’s not. You then can focus on what your customers like most.

6. You can get your business analytics more easily

One of the best things about technology is that it’s made it easier to collect records. Your mobile app will help you track downloads, user engagement, and the products that users show interest in. It’ll also help you determine how to make your products more customer oriented.

9. Keep your customers loyal

Developing a mobile app can help you build customer loyalty. It is indeed an effective tool to implement promotional actions. You can, for example, offer discount coupons, send invitations to events or even organise contests.

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  • Link customers from your app directly to your online store
  • Show off your products with rich content, images and videos
  • Add galleries of the latest products and trends in the adult sector
  • Geolocate your shop, with GPS indications, no one will get lost to reach your store
  • Push notifications, send messages directly to customers
  • Provide loyalty programs, these powerful features encourage repeat business
  • Send push notifications, like messages with the latest offers, promotions, and sales, etc…
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  • Get feedback. Create surveys to get valuable information from your customers
  • Include your social networks facebook, instagram, etc…
  • Let the prospectors contact you through phone, email or a form. Just one touch on the screen, and they’ll contact you!
  • and many more things…

Here are our top 10 reasons to build a mobile app for your business.

1. Generate additional sales.
Mobile apps generate additional revenues for a company in three keyways: firstly, because most people carry a mobile device, apps encourage repeat orders from customers on the go. The sheer simplicity and convenience of apps versus going to a website makes it easier for consumers to buy. Secondly a company can benefit from a new advertising revenue stream through apps. And thirdly, the app itself may be so compelling that you can charge for it!

2. Reduce marketing cost.
A hidden benefit of apps is in the low cost of marketing – compared to traditional advertising and direct marketing, pushing notifications to customers who have downloaded your app is cheap. For example, you may want to announce an event or new product offer.

3. Enhance the customer experience.
Many websites just don’t look great on tiny phone screens, but mobile apps are purpose-designed for small screen sizes so are easier on the eye and simpler to use for the customer. Apps also offer instant access to your contact channels – with one touch, a customer can click to call or initiate a web chat. For users who have their location turned on, the app can also recognise where you are in real time and provide location specific information and directions.

4. Get the competitive edge.
While most industries have cottoned on to apps, perhaps your business is in a niche where your competitors don’t offer an app yet, and if yes, this can be turned to your advantage as a differentiator. You can also custom-build unique features into your app that others don’t have – the possibilities are endless.

5. Broaden your market coverage.
Without an app, you may be missing out on a segment of the market that simply prefers to do business that way. A quick way to understand whether you have a mobile-addicted market is to look at the percentage of visitors who access your website through mobile devices. You can also use common sense, which suggests, for example, that young consumers are more likely to want to transact through an app than mature B2B buyers.

6. Create stickiness.
What better way to create stickiness with your customers than embedding your brand in your customer’s pocket! Unlike mobile websites, apps are always visible on the user’s phone home screen. Customers are more likely to repeatedly interact with businesses that are at their fingertips, so apps are a great customer loyalty tool.

7. Deliver speed.
Mobile apps open faster than a mobile website loads, in fact many aspects of apps are usable even without an Internet connection. In today’s digital world, it’s a race to deliver services and products to the customer faster, and the winner of the race will win more customers.

8. Get feedback.
You can easily get actionable insights from your customers, by conducting an “in-app” survey, or by analysing customer reviews in the App Store.

9. Stay in control of the customer relationship.
Apps are a platform which allow you to have a direct relationship with your customer, without any middleman. You are more likely to retain customers once you know who they are, where they are, and how to reach them.