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HT-Care Guardian

In the case of an emergency, the resident is supported by 2 smart alerting devices that can support in notifying our response centre. Either by calling out for help using their voice, or by the latest innovative, emergency wearables for detecting falls and signalling emergency situations. These smart devices increase the chance that one of our team members can call for an emergency if necessary.

Approach the future with confidence

HT-Care Guardian is our more intelligent in-home personal alarm bundle, providing an added layer of care. This unique solution is especially suited for situations when the user is unable to reach traditional panic buttons, so that they have access to emergency response services when they can’t push the button for help. It also adds an additional speaker in the eg. bed- or bathroom for greater coverage.


Main features

Distributed voice-activated speaker for eg. bed- or bathroom (VPD) that activates by calling out for help.

Advanced Fall detector pendant (EPA) with choice of design. Highest accuracy detection, industrywide

Move more freely and safely in and around the residence, enabling independent living


Emergency Response Base alarm

Voice Panic Detector (VPD)

Emergency fall detector Pendant Advanced (EPA)

Access to 24/7 emergency response centre, Batteries, SIM card plan and technical support

Leasing option:
Setup: $130
Daily fee: $2.40
Buying option:
Setup: $130
Equipment: $999
Daily fee: $1.46

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