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HT-Care Classic

In the case of an emergency, our response centre can be notified by pressing the emergency button either on the unit, or on the pendant. One of our team members will communicate through the base unit to assess the situation, communicate with the care circle and call an ambulance if necessary.

Cost effective and easy-to-use

HT-Care Classic is our most cost-effective and easy-to-use personal alarm bundle. It’s best suited to seniors living alone or in a separate room from their partner or caretaker, so that they have access to emergency response services when no one is immediately around to help.


Main features

Base alarm unit with emergency button and water resistant neck/wrist emergency pendant, range up to 400 meters.

24/7 emergency response monitoring service, who coordinate and report to the care circle.

Initial setup is done before it is posted, so installation is easy –  just plug in, turn it on. All remotely supported by our staff.


Emergency response base alarm

Emergency response pendant

Access to 24/7 Emergency Response Centre

SIM card plan and technical support

Leasing option:
Setup: $75
Daily fee: $1.40
Buying option:
Setup: $75
Equipment: $499
Daily fee: $0.89

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